What Restricted Ticketing Means to You

Paperless Tickets restrict our rights as fans.

You paid for your seats. That doesn’t mean you can just sit there

We, the fans, own the tickets we buy. Right? Not necessarily. The major players in the ticketing industry want to change that. They want to use "paperless ticketing" to restrict what we can do with our tickets. No more giving tickets as gifts. Or selling tickets you can't use. Or meeting your friends inside. Sure, Big Tickets makes "paperless tickets" sound convenient. But in truth, they're a nightmare for fans. The way things stand today, if you buy a ticket, you can use it, you can turn around and give it away or you can sell it. (You know, the way things have worked for as long as tickets have existed.) Big Tickets hates that, because they have to watch money changing hands, without any of it going into their pockets. That’s why they invented the “convenience” of paperless tickets. Watch our video to find out how they really work.

Your Voice. Your choice.

Here’s how restrictive paperless tickets work

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Are my tickets restricted?

Every day more and more shows and events are using restricted tickets.

Find out if restrictive paperless ticketing is coming to you

Every day, Big Tickets tries to make more and more games, concerts and events restricted. Among the many reasons that sucks? Monopoly. (And not the good kind with the little hat and the hotels.) Restricted ticketing could allow Big Tickets to dominate the marketplace even more than they already do. Are you ready for higher prices, more fees, more hassles and poorer service? We didn't think so. This is the place to find out if your team or favorite act is restricting your tickets.

Latest Offenders

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what can i do about it?

Get involved, take action, make some noise!


Ask any performer or athlete: when fans get really, really loud, the game changes. Fan Freedom is the place to put that power to work. All the tools you need to contact legislators, team owners, venues and the media are right here. When we all stand up, Big Tickets backs down. We’ve done it before. Take Action now.

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