About Us

Big Tickets will back down, if we all stand up.

Who are we, anyway?

We are the season ticket holders who sit in the rain to support our home teams. We’re the music fans who stay out way too late to enjoy the bands we love. And we’re ready to fight for our rights as ticket holders.

Fan Freedom  believes that all fans have basic rights as ticket holders, and we support legislation and promote activism to protect those rights, including:


When fans buy tickets, we own them.

Ticket Transferability

We have the right to buy, give away or sell our tickets however we choose, anytime we choose, in any way we choose, at any price we choose.

Right to Know

Before we choose to buy tickets, we have the right to know how many tickets are really on sale to the public for a given event and how many are pre-sold or held back for VIPs and other special customers.

Fair Access

We deserve the chance to buy event tickets from the box office at face value, without unfair competition from automated ticket buying software (bots) that jumps ahead in line and grabs the best tickets seconds after they go on sale.


We deserve a fair and competitive ticket resale market where we can buy tickets to sold out shows, buy cheap tickets to our favorite sporting events, and resell tickets we cannot use.

Launched in February, 2011, Fan Freedom was founded by consumer advocate Jon Potter. FFP is Supported by more than 150,000 fans and is backed by leading consumer and business organizations such as the National Consumers League, Consumer Action, the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Florida Consumer Action Network,  the Institute for Liberty, the League of Fans, the Computer and Communications Industry Association, Michigan Citizen Action and Net Choice. Initial funding was provided by StubHub, a division of eBay.

Our partners

our board of directors

Jon Potter

As President of Fan Freedom and a multi-year season ticket holder, Jon is the fans’ voice on important issues, including ticket ownership.

John Breyault

A longtime advocate, John is the vice president of public policy, telecommunications and fraud at the National Consumers League. In addition, John coordinates the Alliance Against Fraud coalition. He was a member of the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee from 2005 to 2007.

Steve DelBianco

Steve is the executive director of NetChoice, a coalition of trade associations, e-commerce businesses and online consumers that promote convenience, choice and commerce on the Internet.

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