Make Some Noise!

When fans stand up, Big Tickets backs down.


Protecting the Rights of California Fans: We Bought it We Own it


Angels Ticket jpegArtists, sports teams and venues are working with ticket giant Ticketmaster to sell restricted tickets. Tied to the original buyer’s credit card and photo ID, restricted tickets take away our rights as fans. This year, more concerts are using restricted tickets and the Los Angeles of Anaheim are trying to restrict fans from selling or transferring tickets on the website of their choosing.

Fortunately, pro-consumer legislation has been introduced in California guaranteeing  consumers right to use, give away or resell tickets however we choose.

Take Action Now and tell your legislator that you own the tickets you buy and ask them to support AD329 (introduced by Representative Pan).

AB320 protect fans rights by making it unlawful for:

  • Ticket issuers to sell  non-transferrable ticket or tickets that are only transferable on the original seller’s preferred website
  • Scalpers to use automated ticket buying software – or bots – that bombards online box offices with thousands of simultaneous purchase requests gobbling up the best seats and preventing individuals from obtaining tickets