Make Some Noise!

When fans stand up, Big Tickets backs down.


Florida Music and Sports Fans: Stand Up for Your Rights


Florida fans TAKE ACTION NOW!

Ticketmaster wants more controlThe Florida ticketing industry is at it again. Sports teams and venues, and the ticket sellers they do business with, are trying to exert even more control over our concert and sports tickets.

How? By pushing anti-fan legislation (HB1353) that gives venues the power to revoke our tickets AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON, WITH OR WITHOUT CAUSE.

Are you a season ticket holder and you sold tickets below face-value? REVOKED101184_FB_Flor_403x403[3]

Did you try and give a ticket away but didn’t want to use the venue’s “approved” resale site? REVOKED

Did you give your friend your credit card and ID so they could get in when you couldn’t make the show? REVOKED

76% of Florida voters believe they own the tickets they buy and can use them, sell them or give them away however they choose.

Join the thousands of Florida Fans, the Florida Consumer Action Network, Florida Association of Nonprofits, American Conservative Union, Institute for Liberty,  National Consumers League and Consumer Action and voice your opposition to this dangerous legislation.