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This Is Why Concert Tickets Sell Out in Seconds


Ever wonder why concert tickets sell out in seconds? Now we know. An investigative report by Phil Williams in Nashville uncovered the ticket manifest (the document showing where all the tickets went) to an upcoming Justin Bieber concert. The manifest showed that of 14,000 available seats in Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, only 1,001 (7%) were actually available to fans like you. Here’s where the rest went:

What’s more, Williams discovered that Justin Bieber’s management scalped their own share of the tickets on the secondary market for well above face value.

This isn’t the first time an artist’s management team held back tickets, and Justin Bieber is far from the first artist to scalp his own tickets. In 2009, Keith Urban promised fans affordable tickets at $20 a piece, but only 389 of the 15,000 were offered at the $20 price. And only 1,600 seats were sold to the general public for Taylor Swift’s 2009 show at Bridgestone Arena. Most recently, the Smoking Gun posted a leaked copy of Katy Perry’s California Dreams Tour rider, which showed that Perry reserves the right to scalp her own tickets on the secondary market at inflated prices.

Every fan deserves to know exactly how many tickets are available for sale. And when artists scalp their own tickets, fans should know that too.

If you want to see more transparency in concert ticketing, send a tweet to Ticketmaster and Justin Bieber and sign our Fan Bill of Rights.

Watch the full report by Phil Williams and News Channel 5 here: